Once the look & feel of your website is completed, the development phase is initiated. Our team will analyze your content structure, the type of interaction that best fits the profile of your target audience, and the possible need for some custom function, and define the implementation strategy.

The web development forms the base of the content structure, prepares management functions, special modules (such as RSS, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.), contact and quote forms, e-commerce, forums, public and private social networks, areas of collaboration between users, file downloads, and also prepares the system for SEO work.

Mobile: Responsive Layout

This innovative way of designing websites results in a single website that works on all screen sizes, adapting with the available screen space, based on a set of rules for positioning, size, and display.

Try our website by clicking here (Credit: Viewport Resizer, by Malte Wasserman) and selecting the screen size on the top left. See the website adapt in real time.
This tool only simulates the viewing in mobile devices, and may differ from the navigation on the device. Also try the site navigation directly on your smartphone or tablet.

A properly developed responsive design will work on any smartphone or tablet with Android, Windows Phone, iOS or BlackBerry 10 with HTML5 compatible browser (essentially all the latest devices).

100% Manageable

The CMS is a user friendly content management system, which allows you to quickly and easily manage the content of your website. This includes text, images, downloads, among others.

The CMS, both on the website and in the administrative area, is compatible with all current browsers: Internet Explorer 9 and later, Chrome, Safari and Firefox, both on PC and Mac as well as mobile browsers on smartphones and tablets with Android, iOS, Windows Phone 7/8, and Blackberry 10.

The system has also support for multiple administrator users, with different permission levels. For example, the communication team can edit the institutional contents, the media team can just add news, technical staff can only send and update technical manuals or other files to download, and HR can edit only the "Work with us" pages and the registration forms. The permission system can be as simple or as complex as needed.

Customized systems

You need a system running a complex function specific to your business? We at Zott are available to plan and develop your system, integrating it to your new website. From a new way to interact with their users, to complex data capture, storage and processing, or even integrate your website with your company Active Directory, we can assist you with speed and reliability.

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