Websites must be unique. The look & feel of your website can bring it to the spotlight, or destroy it, and its efficiency depends on how the information is presented to your customer.

The art direction or design of your website will be prepared after a conversation focused on your goals and your target audience. From then we will recommend a solution for your website. The result is a unique, 100% customized website, offering a friendly and engaging experience to your customers.

Mobile First

Nowadays it is essential to make your website compatible with mobile devices. Consider this: when accessing your website from a mobile device, more than 60% of visitors will seek competition if your website does not have a good look or usability.

Your services will be constantly available. This capability dramatically extends the reach of your business. You can serve your customers at the moment he most need it. You can use the data provided by access statistics to understand how, when, where and why your customers come to you, increasing the level of engagement between your company and your customers.

In the design process, the Zott adopts mobile first, ie, your website is designed primarily for mobile platforms, and then for the desktop. This ensures that the visual and functional complexity is added as the screen size increases. This way of working ensures a clean and concise navigation for devices with smaller screen size, and offering the complete look as there is greater availability of space. Mobile first is adopted by major companies, including Google.

Be known and recognized by your customers!

What you will get when you hire the service of Art Direction or Web Design with Zott:

  • A 100% custom design website that is a reflection of your brand, providing an excellent experience to the user.
  • Qualified service and support by those who understand the subject.
  • In the loop: Constant communication about the progress of the work.
  • A CMS (Content Management System) that allows you to update 100% of the content of your website at any time, from anywhere.
  • Training with instructional videos prepared directly with your website on the screen, streamlining content assimilation.

Art direction

With Art direction, the treatment of your website layout is highly detailed and carefully done, with refinements to each element, ensuring a outstanding look. The art director will study your brand in depth and seek to understand your target audience, to give your website an amazing layout.

Mobile! The detail and care will also be applied in the mobile views of your website. Each set of screen sizes will have an individual treatment, to maintain the overall art direction, and adjust the display of your brand and content, ensuring an excellent experience for your customers.

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